The Highly Acclaimed Course for Network Marketers Looking to Grow their Empire 
Made for Women Determined to Improve the Quality of Their Lives and 
Impact Their Community  
This is a 6-week Course designed to take you from no sales to the top 1% in the network marketing industry!
Here's the work we'll be doing together...

  •  We'll breakthrough the limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back
  •  We'll adopt a new way of thinking and acting like a successful entrepreneur 
  •  We'll infuse your business with the high vibe energy that attracts new customers to you every single day
  •  I'll teach you online strategies that will increase your results and don't feel like you're annoying all of your family and friends
  •  I'll teach you how to become an online Brand that stands out from the crowd
Do you feel stuck in your Network Marketing Business?
You said YES because someone told you that you'd have more freedom.

Time freedom to focus on the things that matter most to you. Financial freedom to leave the job that pays the bills to do something that fuels your soul. Freedom to fully live out your souls purpose!

But you've been doing what your sponsor told you to do and you're not getting the results... Your best friend said NO... Your Spouse isn't supportive... And cold prospecting on social media isn't getting you anywhere closer to the freedom you were promised.

You feel stuck.

I've been there... But I surrounded myself with the right coaches who helped me to reach my goals. Now I'm the 1% in the network marketing industry earning multiple 6-figures and living the lifestyle of my dreams. AND I'm obsessed with helping you to do the same!!!

That's why I created this Online Business Bootcamp!
If you haven't seen success in your Network 
Marketing Business ...
 In almost every case, the reason you're not successful in network marketing (yet) isn’t because of your skills, your network or the product or service.  It’s because you can’t get past your own fears and limiting beliefs. These are often deeply embedded belief systems that you’ve been carrying around for most of your life, and love, its time to 
ditch them once and for all!! 

It's time for you to share your message and your light with the world, love!
  • Have these thoughts crossed your mind?
  •  How are people going to join me if I haven't had any success in my business?
  •  I feel like you have to be confident/successful/outgoing/great at sales to do well in network marketing
  •  I started my business and now I have no idea what to do next
  •  I'm worried my friends and family are judging me for joining "one of those things"
  •  Maybe I'm not meant to be successful, maybe I'm not meant to do this
  •  I feel guilty for investing money to start this business and I'm not seeing any results
  •  Do others know something I don't know about thriving in network marketing?
  •  Maybe its time I quit this network marketing thing
Don't buy into that BS, Love. 
Wherever you are, I can help.
What Makes Me An Expert?
My name is Anna Lozano and I started my Network Marketing business in 2010. Exactly 12 months after I started my part-time hustle I was laid off from my marketing career. That was exactly when I decided to never go back to the 9-5 grind. I worked consistently on my business and in 2013 I retired my husband from his banking career.

Network Marketing is the perfect vehicle to launch your entrepreneurial career. It's the perfect avenue to build passive, residual income and dive deep into personal development. If you want to surround yourself with a like-minded tribe and develop leadership skills, network marketing is exactly where you need to be.

My husband and I have earned over $1 million dollars since we started our business. In 2016 alone we earned close to $250k of residual income. All while we enjoyed the year off to welcome our baby girl into the world in February. 
Why Mindset is SO Important. It's the Foundation of your success
I know for sure that Mindest is the starting point of your success. You can have the best brand, the best skills, the best products, but if YOU don't believe you can become successful, you won't be. Mindset is the foundation for creating lasting success in business and it's rarely taught. I want you to start here so that you can achieve your wildest dreams through this incredible industry. You've already taken the first step, you joined. Now let's do the work so you can transform your world, and help others to do the same. 
Which is why I created this Course.

When I first started building my organization I focused on the hard-skills (prospecting, inviting, presenting, following up) because that was so much easier than doing the deeper work. I realized that the best skills in the world without a solid belief system only gave me minimal results. If you don't break through whatever's holding you back mentally, you'll have a hard time reaching your full potential. And you deserve this babe!

If you can commit to stepping outside of your comfort zone, you'll transform your life. Which is exactly what the Course will show you how to do. 

Imagine where you will be just a few short months if you do this work...
I'll teach you:
  •  How to get crystal clear on your purpose, why, and goals so you can take action with confidence
  •   How to infuse your revenue generating activities with the right energy to get results faster
  •  How to overcome the fears that cause you to procrastinate so you can leap forward with confidence and certainty
  •  How to become aware of your limited mindset and conquer your it. Like I've said before, what’s holding you back is not your talent. It’s your beliefs that are on repeat in the background. Knowing what that soundtrack is and how to change it is pivotal to your success
  •  How to build and lead a team based on authenticity, purpose, and vision.
  •  How to build your authentic brand and show up online with confidence. 
What's Included in the Course?
Module 1
Creating Your Entrepreneurial Mindset
  •  Exposing your fears and learning to overcome them
  •  We'll bring awareness to your thoughts, feelings, habits, actions, and reactions so you can always bring your A-game
  •  We identify what patterns you need to let go off and get clear on your desires 
  •  We'll lay the groundwork for new patterns and thoughts that will empower you
Module 2
Upleveling Your Business
  • Here you're held accountable to your genius by checking in with your progress
  •  We'll use a special exercise to strengthen your new habits  
  •  We explore 5 things that will hold you back  in your business and how to avoid getting stuck there 
  •  Your Business Scorecard exercise 
  •  We'll go through the 5 stages of every new business so where are you now and what needs to be done to uplevel
  •  You'll set expectations and goals
  •  We'll explore the Emotional Frequency Scale so you know how to move forward regardless of you feel
Module 3
Income Generating Work
  •  We'll define the actions you need to take in your business to make the income and impact you desire
  •  We get proactive and solve the 4 biggest problems new entrepreneurs face before they show up in your business 
  •  We'll dive deep into the skill of prospecting
  •  We'll cover the 7 Steps to Marketing on Instagram
  •  How to host a Facebook Masterclass
  •  How to Build your Dream Team  
  •  How to create systems in your business that support growth even if you're not around!
Module 4
Authentic Branding
  •   The 2 most important things you need to remember effectively brand yourself
  •  Exposing your fears around being visible and sharing your message 
  •  Why you need to be on Social Media as a Network Marketer 
  •  Why you need to brand yourself as a Network Marketer 
  •  Defining the Personality of your brand 
  •  Defining the Energy of your brand
  •  Key Questions to answer to create your Personal Brand 
  •  Your Social Media Strategy 
Module 5
Live Case Study
Interviewing Leslie Balmer from Canada
  •  Exploring where Leslie was in her business before the Bootcamp
  •  What was she trying and why wasn't it working? 
  •  What she learned and the 3 things now does in her business daily 
  •  Leslie's top success tips for you to apply in your own business 
Module 6
Live Case Study
Interviewing Sandra Kanfer Clarke from the United Kingdom
  •  Exploring where Sandra was in her business before the Bootcamp
  •  What was she trying and why wasn't it working? 
  •   3 things she learned and now does daily in her business daily to achieve massive results
  •  Sandras top success tips for you to apply to your business 
What Will NOT Happen In This Course
You’re not going to be successful by buying this Course and not doing anything with it.

You must watch, listen, reflect, journal and apply what you learn. You MUST be action oriented. I’ve spent the last 7 years refining this process and have developed the work so it's easily digestible. But you need to go through the process.

You're not getting the basic skills to grow a network marketing business. You can get that information anywhere online. We’re going after your mindset. Which right now is holding you back from reaching your full potential. We both know you’re worthy of massive income, impact, and results.

Instead, I'll guide you to release what's holding you back in a safe space so that you can live the life of your dreams. I will help you upgrade your entrepreneurial mindset and your belief in yourself.

I'll show you how to let go of everything that's no longer serving your highest purpose. I'll give you my exact strategies I use every day to create (and live) the lifestyle of my dreams because of network marketing.

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What People are Saying
What differentiates Anna from all the Facebook ads promoting Courses that pop up on my wall is that Anna is honest about working really hard to achieve her success in network marketing - which spoke to me. 

In the online world often times Coaches show how simple and easy it is to grow a business, but too many people are selling themselves as experts and they haven't created a solid network marketing business or they haven't maintained it over a period of time. Anna has done both, and now she gets to enjoy being a new mom!"

Andrea Lesperance

Ontario Canada
I had been following Anna online and was inspired by her authenticity and the brand 
she had created, so I decided to enroll in her course. Right from Module 1, Anna shifted my mindset, broke down my fears and worries, which allowed me 
to open up. I stepped out of my comfort zone, I have been making real authentic connections and personally, I'm going deeper than ever before. Journaling, meditating and listening to my heart, allowing my vision to lead me. My business is growing as is my confidence, which has allowed me to go part-time 
at my job so I can really focus on what matters most, my vision and my why. 

I highly recommend Anna's course for anyone who is ready to grow, 
wants to boost their confidence and craves to create real connections.

Kristen Nagle

Ontario Canada
Anna made me really look at my fear and question it. She also made me question my own thoughts and my daily patterns, which up until then I had been avoiding. Once I looked at what my fear was and why I felt like I couldn't move forward, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and a new sense of confidence came over me. 

I can actually hear it in the way I speak to potential clients and partners. I feel much more confident about my purpose and I’m excited to share that with others.

Aimee Smith

Ontario Canada
Prior to this course, I was feeling like I'd been banging my head against the wall with skewed expectations of myself and the profession. I wasn’t necessarily looking for 'new information', I just wanted to follow someone who I knew I couldn’t bullshit with my excuses. I’ve watched Anna consistently execute through the daily challenges of life, and her actions affirm her content. 

Now, I understand what it really takes - what needs to be and not be going on in our head, how we need to consistently be in people's line of vision with our authentic message, how relentless we must be with our time at work and more! My overall strategy has since changed and my confidence as an entrepreneur has been on the rise and my message on and offline is loud and clear! Thanks Anna!

Jan Karlo Manuel

British Columbia Canada
Start Your Self-Transformation Today for ONLY:
only $149 USD
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you're not happy with the Bootcamp, for whatever reason, you have 30 days to request a refund. No questions asked. You've got nothing to loose by trying the Bootcamp and everything to gain. The risk is all on us and we'll trust the integrity of any refund request we receive. 
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